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welcomw to learn Amharic እንኳን ደህና መጡ

Learn Amharic is a Web site where you can learn to speak Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. A Semitic language, Amharic is spoken by millions of Ethiopians around the world.

Africa's oldest independent nation, remains essentially hidden to the world. We hope that by offering useful tools and materials for learning Amharic, we hope Ethiopia its language, culture and traditions will become fresh and vital for learners of all ages and walks of life.

Whether you are an Ethiopian living in the disapora hoping to re-connect yourself or your children with your native culture, or a family raising adopted Ethiopian children as your own, or an admirer of the language, culture, music, there's a place for you here in our community of learners.

Buy "Laqech One" and start learning Amharic today!

In addition to our learning resources available here on Learn Amharic, we also offer an introductory text book to the language of Amharic. Amharic Ethiopian Script: Laqech One is the first in an ongoing series of instructional text books by our resident Amharic teacher Zewditu Fesseha. You can learn more about the text book and purchase it from a variety of retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles , and Zewditu's book publisher, Authorhouse. You can see a preview of the book at Amazon.

 she has taught several Amharic sessions this year. If you are interested in joining her next session or would like private tutoring, please contact Zewditu at

Fidel, the alphabet system used to read and speak Amharic, is made up of 33 base characters, each with its own unique sound We choose Amharic Word of the Day words based on the Ethiopian Fidel characters used to pronounce them.  Let us explain.Fidel from each base character, another six characters are derived. And each of these characters also have a unique pronunciation. Our word choices follow the order in which the base characters and their "children" characters are presented 

ሀ-ha  ሁ-hu  ሂ-hi  ሃ-haa  ሄ-hey  ህ-h  ሆ- ho


If you live in the New York area and wanted to get in-person instruction, then you should link up with resident Amharic expert, Zewditu Fesseha. A dedicated instructor and a cultural ambassador with my own right,  has taught Amharic in the New York and to Bay Area CA  for  years.  Also written a text book: Amharic Ethiopian Script: Laqech One ,Book Two and book Three.

Currently teaching a weekly introductory Amharic Course by special arrangement.  If you are interested in joining the next session or would like private tutoring, please contact Zewditu at

Blog Posts

Amharic word of the month

Posted by Zewditu Fesseha on November 13, 2017 at 2:19pm 0 Comments

1       I am glad to meet you/ ስለተዋወቅን ደስ ብሎኛል/ Sel tewawqn des blongal


2.    How do you do? እንዴት ነዎት?  Endet newot?(respecteful)


 3.  Very well thank you and you? አመሰግናለሁ በጣም ደሀናነኝ እርስዎስ?

         Amesegnalehu betam dehena negn erswos? (Respectful)


 4.    How are things?  እንዴት ነው ሁሉ ነገር?  Endet nowe hulu neger?


 5.    So እንደነገሩ ነው/  Ende negeru nowe    


6.    Congratulation.!/ እንኩዋን ደስ…


Word of the month

Posted by Zewditu Fesseha on April 14, 2017 at 11:45pm 0 Comments

1-  ወረቀት-wereqet- paper 

2- ግድግዳ-gdgda- wall

3- እንጨት enchet- wood

4- አፈር afer-soil or dirt

5- ጭቃ-Chqa- mud

Amharic Word of the month

Posted by Zewditu Fesseha on January 15, 2017 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

እንኳን ለአዲሱ ዓመት አደረሳችሁ - Enkuwan leadisu amet aferesachehu/happy new year!!

አዲስ ዓመት-adis amet/new year




ቀን -qen-day

Greeting in Amharic/Amaregna January 12.2016

Posted by Zewditu Fesseha on January 12, 2016 at 7:00pm 1 Comment

ሰላም selam - peace to you or hello,

እንዴት አደርሽ endet adersh- good morning (F)

እንዴት ዋልክ detwalk- how is your day?(M)

እንዴት አመሻችሁ endet ameshachu -good evening (group)


I'm trying to pronounce amharic

Started by Nicholas Bailey. Last reply by Nicholas Bailey Apr 21, 2011. 3 Replies

When I hear someone speak amharic, I write the sound, for example: senikenemasacho, btyetno, besilklitkn,  yetebesadabo, eskelbito, mezaha, etc.  By using the fidel, I can translate amharic writing…Continue

All About Ethiopia

Started by Victor Haseman. Last reply by Zewditu Fesseha Aug 30, 2010. 4 Replies

Learn Amharic is a place where you can learn to speak Amharic. It is also a place where our community of learners can share what they know about the language, culture and people of Ethiopia. We…Continue

Tags: Resources, Ethiopian

Looking for Amharic tutor or classes in Seattle

Started by David Avraham Jun 19, 2010. 0 Replies

I am looking to take Amhaaric Lessons in Seattle area or classesDaviddavidcliftonpitts@live.comContinue

How do you say... in Amharic?

Started by Victor Haseman. Last reply by Zewditu Fesseha Dec 5, 2009. 1 Reply

One of the best ways to learn Amharic is by learning practical phrases. Submit your questions about Amharic phrases and we will do our best to reply with answers. The best of your questions will get…Continue

Tags: Phrases, Amharic, Basic

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