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What is the infinitve word of : በስስ and can you also explain the meaning.

Same for the word: አመስ አመስ  and : በሻሽ


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Comment by Erik Ringvold on June 24, 2013 at 2:41pm

የእንግሊዝእኛ ቃል አላወቅም ለ አመስ ፣ አዘናሎው

generally worm up on on frying pan like frying with mild heat that is the nearest sound to it.

Comment by Erik Ringvold on June 24, 2013 at 2:38pm


The word ames ames is taken from a cookbook and the sentence is:

ነጭ አዝሙዱን አመስ፣ አመስ አድርጐ ጨምር አብሮ መውቀጥ-put it together and smashed or grained it 

has it ti do with blending ?  yes  "  መቆላት is  fry this is  the nearest meaning in English.

Comment by Erik Ringvold on May 23, 2013 at 2:23am

Thanks Zewditu

The sentence which the ames ames in is as followes:

ነጭ አዝሙዱን አመስ፣ አመስ አድርጐ ጨምር አብሮ መውቀጥ

Its taken from a recipe making ነጭ ቅመም. this is ok

So በስስ make sense in not cooking the ነጭ አዝሙድ too much, before blending it into የተገረደፈ ነጭ ሽንኩርት and የደቀቀ ዝንጅብል sliced garlic and sliced ginger blend or smashed together make ነጭ  ቅመም three ingredient make a very classy spice and test wonderful specially qeql or any veg dish 

So what can አመስ  አመስ have the meaning here, and what is the noun word for it ? i do not think has noun form bet it could be mamoq/ማሞቅ on frying pan with light heat.

Comment by Zewditu Fesseha on May 22, 2013 at 5:54pm

before I gave you the meaning let me understand your words  please pounced it in English.


1,በስስ-light (not heavy) the second word  አመስ  አመስ   not sure አምሳ አምስት  mean fifthly five or you like to say a body part make it clear, I will do my best  to answer.

 :3. በሻሽ- mean by scarf

let me know


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