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Learn Amharic

Learn to speak the language of Ethiopia!

Learn Amharic is a place where you can learn to speak Amharic. It is also a place where our community of learners can share what they know about the language, culture and people of Ethiopia. We invite you to share your comments and online resources.

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Major portion of the country consists of a high plateau which is responsible for Ethiopia’s claimant, unique in Africa. Comparable to the best climate anywhere in the world. Thanks for the attitude. Refreshing mild with upland temperature seldom rising. Lying near the equator, Ethiopia’s seasons are reversed: spring commences in September, and summer runs from January to the middle of June. Mid June to September is the period of the “big rain” not much rain falls between September and to mid-March.
Ethiopia, the land of many ethnics has over 70 different ethnic languages and about 200 different dialects. However, you will find that English, French, and Italian are spoken quite very well. As diverse as their back grounds, are their customs, costumes and traditions. In your travel you will meet and see diverse looking people. Ethiopia has one of the widest ranges of beautiful looking people to be found anywhere the word.
You will hear greetings exchanged in babble of tongues. For all their exotic diversity, the people of Ethiopia are united in their singular beauty and grace and in their infectious sense of friendliness and gaiety.
Dear Victor,

Lately, I have realized that many of the posts that we make each day gets synced to Twitter. I wanted to know if still use this account. If so please let know.

Warm Regards,
Hi Zewditu,

yes, there is a Twitter account for LearnAmharic. It posts via the RSS feed for Amharic Word of the Day. Do you want to discontinue this?

no I want to continue t want the pass word and any thing you want me to know please pass it.


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