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Learn Amharic

Learn to speak the language of Ethiopia!

One of the best ways to learn Amharic is by learning practical phrases. Submit your questions about Amharic phrases and we will do our best to reply with answers. The best of your questions will get featured in our new feature "Amharic Phrase of the Day."

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Selaam / Peace to you,

Thank you very much for your daily participation.
The best way to learn Amaric is to basically familiarize yourself everyday with basic Amharic words, it will suprise you how much you can really learn at the end, if you want to get into a little more advance Amharic, you can purchase the Laqech One: Ethiopian Amharic Script but here are some ways you can greet in Amharic:

Goodmornig can be used as masculine (M), feminine (F), groups of people, or for people designated with respect.

Goodmornning in Amharic is: Endemen Adersh - F and Endemen Aderk - M.

I'm very pleased with your question and make sure you purchase laqech one: Amharic Script book for further study of Amharic.


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