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When I hear someone speak amharic, I write the sound, for example: senikenemasacho, btyetno, besilklitkn,  yetebesadabo, eskelbito, mezaha, etc.  By using the fidel, I can translate amharic writing into these words but how can I know what these words mean?

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I hope this is right give sense let me know.

senikenemasacho, ሲኒ ከነ ማስቀመጫው - coffee cup formal

btyetno, በየት ነው    which way

besilklitkn, በስልክ ጠይቀን  ask as by phone (I think )

yetebesadabo, የተጠበሰ ዳቦ toast

eskelbito, እስክርቢቶ a ball pen

mezaha, etc. መጣህ you came (I think)

 I tried to understand


MEZAHA may be luch

I have some of these words already, Mezaha = book, Eskelbito = pen, Alowiken = I don't know.  These are some of the words I've learnt, ammesegnallu.


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