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መኝታ ቤት/ Bed room/megneta bet

1-እኔና እህቲ መኝታ ቤት እንጋራለን

enena ehtey megneta bet enegaralen

me and my sister share a bed room,

2-ሁልት የልብስ መስቀያ ሳጥን አለን/ቁም ሳጥን

hulet yelbs mesqeya saten alen/qumsaten

room has two separate closet for our use 

3-ሁልት የትራስጌ መብራት ና   አንድ  የጣራ መብራት አለን 

hulet yerasgey mebratna and yetara mebrat alen

we have two head light and one ceiling light .

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